she said YES ! Up in the sky.. 'cause my love to this girl is as limitless as the sky.

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Soo, it was a foggy Wednesday morning, which also happened to be Anya's birthday, when I packed my car with balloons, rose leaves and cameras at 7 AM. Despite the fog, clouds and grayness of that morning my heart was singing because I was about to propose to the girl of my dreams! In some 3 hours. I prepared a line of surprises: a birthday helicopter flight over Shenandoah Mountains topped with the surprise - the question itself. The plan for Anya was to ride with me to the airport for a short gig of mine and then spend the day together. For me the plan was to decorate the aircraft at American Helicopters with the balloons and rose leaves by 9.30 AM and proceed with the surprises.

There we were, moments before Anya entered the hangar, it turned into a perfect flight weather with some clouds in the sky, lots of sunshine and mild winds. What happened next is hard to describe - not sure whether the time stopped or fast forwarded once Anya saw the aircraft. At 9.45 we were given a golf-cart ride to the landing spot and shortly we were up in the sky flying towards the Shenandoah mountains. We were talking about dreams and I said one of my dreams was to fly to the moon and the other was to meet my better half, girl from my dreams, to spend the rest of my life with.. I also said half of my dreams already came true.. You should have seen the expression on Anya's face!

The time stopped for sure when I reached to my pocket to pull the black box saying Mervis outside and filled with Verragio inside. I pop the question and..... Anya says YES! I already thought I was happiest man on Earth by knowing the best girl on planet.. I was wrong.. Now, that same moment Anya said yes to marrying me, I truly became happiest man on the planet!

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