You are excited, you are pumped, you are in love! You are about to pop the question and you want to make it perfect.


Before you propose, you've got to consider everything about how are you going to do it: the place, the ring, themes, scenarios, production and technology involved. Of course, it's got to be a surprise and you want to make sure you can relive that fascinating moment years from now - photography and video are a must.

Here a few factors to consider which will help you guide your preparation in the right direction:

PLACE: Is something you should have discussed or at least have gotten clues on a perfect proposal from your bride to be. This is the story you will be sharing at least a thousand times with your friends, family and everyone. Consider your first or most visited dating locations, places with significant emotional attachment - landmarks in your or your partner's hometown, that place you first met while exploring Machu Picchu in Peru or Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, or a place you've never been to but your bride to be dreamed about being proposed to there.

RING: By now you should have an idea of a ring preference of your significant other and ideally you should pick it yourself. By doing so, you show how well you know your bride to be. After all, this ring will be worn for a lifetime.

THEME: Romantic it is, but is doesn't end here - possibilities are endless: zero gravity proposal, surrounded by friends and family at a dinner, on a hot air balloon, while having your pre-planned caricature done, while hiking to the top of the mountain or waterfall of your preference, with a choir at a main street of your city, with candles, roses and champagne at a get away cabin or a rooftop at night, on a helicopter, at the top of the mountain while your friends put up a lantern show just for you two, under water, and so on. Whichever theme you pick or come up with shall reflect your personalities. 

SCENARIOS: Depending on a theme you will have to pick vendors for your scenario - key part here is to make sure all vendors are on the same page, they have each other's contact info and everyone is ready for plan a, plan b.. plan z.

PRODUCTION: The day of, photo / video cameras / microphones are triple backed up to ensure the best audio and a variety of angles for your proposal.

DRONES / 360: Box does not exist, whether you would like to spike up your proposal with aerial or 360 shots. However, FAA regulations affect flight allowance. Contact me at the earliest stages of planning so I can ensure, acknowledge, and suggest the best options for your proposal photos and video.

Are you ready to pop the question or know someone who's about to propose? Feel free to drop me a line - yes, it's a surprise - include your other e-mail address, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber or any other preferred method you would like to be contacted.