I get asked a lot: 'What is the best time to be photographed?' The answer is simple whether you want to be photographed either in natural light or in studio setting.


Best time of a day for natural light photography is within first 2 hours after sunrise or last 2 hours before sunset - the Golden Hour. During this time the light will work best for your best look - while the sun is low it produces diffused soft light. You will look amazing!

Best time of a day to be photographed in studio? Anytime. I don't depend on natural light and position of the sun - I create light for you. Diffused, harsh, soft, dramatic - anything your heart desires. You will look amazing!

Is there a 3rd option? Of course! On location anytime light: daytime, nighttime, midday time - my light sets and crew are portable and ready to set up for your best look anytime. We'll bring diffusers and lights to avoid and overpower harsh noon sunlight, various sets of lights for nighttime photography. You will look amazing!