In Love or In Lust ?

A question many face today is whether it is love or lust. While I was photographing one of my recent weddings a preacher said: “Lust is easy, love is hard work.” So, what is it, really?


What is easy and what is hard work, then? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary lust is ‘a strong desire for something’. It is easy, it does not require work. While love on the other hand is 'unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another' which most likely will require some work.

Based on the statement above, if it feels good and no actions required to sustain it, it is lust. It comes by itself, it keeps fire going by itself, and since it is easy, if additional actions are required it leaves by itself. Love, on the other hand, requires work and is not easy..

As for me I am in love. I love what I do. What do I do? I photograph people. I love working with people. I love framing, lighting, composing my photographs and posing my clients. Now, how come it is not lust? Because it is not easy, it never was.

I had to photograph a lot. I had to experiment a lot in early days. I had to pose my clients a lot. I had to process and edit my images in a lot of different ways until I could say: “alright Photography, i think we are into something serious now. i don’t think our relationship is based only on my lust towards you. i want our relationship to grow not only whether i only feel like it, but also when i need some improvement when i can’t figure you out. i see you reward me with outstanding product when i strive to doing it right and you are happy i am the photographer shaping our relationship into a masterpiece. we believed this relationship would work and we made everything possible to make it work.”

That being said, my friends, if you are in love and made your commitment to get married, I would love to talk with you and discuss how can I turn your big day in a stress free wedding photography experience. Send me a note following this link !