Keeping hearts together

It was a calm summer night, while editing images at 3 am I stumbled upon a post about Hearts Apart - a fellow photographer shared his experience regarding volunteering his photography services for military families. It caught my attention, I followed the links and I applied to volunteer my time.

The idea is simple and great - provide families of soon to be deployed service men and women with family photography. The awesomeness if such idea goes beyond - service men and women receive waterproof and durable bi-folds with 4 images which fit perfectly in a uniform pocket. Amazing, isn't it?! This way 2 hearts that are apart stay together through photography.

When I am asked to share the best moments in my photography career, I share the following story. A family walked in for the photo-session, the daddy dressed up in his uniform stood in front of the lights and my camera, what happened next touched me deeply. His little girl put her hands together, looked up and said: 'Daddy, you are so beautiful.. !'

Every time I go back to that moment I feel honored to be able to serve the Serving with my photography. You can learn more about Hearts Apart following the link