Cooper Simmerman is originally from Charleston, West Virginia. He received a Finance degree and then MBA from West Virginia University before moving to Northern Virginia. Simmerman works on a team of experienced Financial Advisors out of AXA’s Falls Church VA office. Bringing clarity and confidence to the financial game plans of both individuals and families is Simmerman's lifelong passion.

S1E16: Mike Williams

Mike has over 28 years of sales, marketing, and business management experience within Fortune 500 companies. He has demonstrated expertise and positive results in organizations such as The Coca-Cola Company, Mobil Chemical Company (Now Exxon Mobil) as well as The United States Army. Mike is a motivated team leader, known for building capabilities within an organization to achieve superior results.

S1E15: Emmanuel Soba

Emmanuel Soba began teaching boot camps while living out of his car in 2010 and have transitioned into the business world. Since then, he has consulted and transformed 1000's of clients, advised start up (small businesses and freelancers), recognized by DC Modern Luxury magazine as the “Top Fitness Expert 2015” and “Top Fitness Expert 2016”, built a multiple 6-Figure company... and much more.

As a single father of two, Soba has accomplished a tremendous amount in such little time – and wants to continue to help others do the same. Soba likes to tell his clients, “where there is a will, there is a way, and anything worth having is worth fighting for”

S1E14: Robin Bourdeau

Robin Bourdeau is a weight loss coach committed to building healthy, lean, fit, energetic, confident leaders. After leaving the gymnastics world and moving to a corporate environment, she battled her own weight and health issues. In 2007, Robin determined to change her course and successfully dropped 124 pounds. In the process, she brought many with her. Now, Robin specializes in coaching those who are just getting started on their journey.

S1E13: Gerald DuBose

Gerald DuBose also known as “The shy guy with a big mouth” is a gifted visionary on a mission to change the consciousness of the world. He has built and advised several multi-million dollar businesses over the last two decades. He is the author of the book: The Formula For Success 4 steps to succeed at anything in life. Gerald has authored 2 other books, in addition to being an impassioned Keynote speaker and activist. He is a father, business cultivator, sales trainer, poet, and truth seeker.

S1E12: DeDee Cai

DeDee Cai is a first generation immigrant who has paved her own way. She is the founder and CEO of FIT TO PROFIT, a company that utilizes her expertise in psychology, cognitive science, holistic wellness, physical training, and business to help executive leaders and entrepreneurs attain peak performance.

She has been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade learning how to train herself to not only be physically fit, but also mentally strong as well. Her journey to success was personal as she battled suicidal thoughts, and the loss of her best friend. She knows what it was like to go from feeling stuck, miserable and unfulfilled to feeling energized, happy and successful.

She has taught thousands of students and trained hundreds of yoga instructors who are now changing lives every single day through their teaching. Her vision through FIT TO PROFIT is to empower everyone to realize their potential by making life mentorship and coaching accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world.

S1E11: Erin Perkins

Erin is an Operations & Design Maven for rebel women ready to take their business from start-up to scale-up through smart systems and wicked design. Her success is measured by how much she helps women scale up their business and impact the people who need their gifts.

S1E10: Mike Nogueira

Mike Nogueira runs his own Financial services practice through NYLIFE Securities and New York Life in Tysons, Virginia where he helps families and small - medium size business owners protect their families, grow and diversify their assets and guarantee income in retirement.


Geoff Woliner, named Stand-Up New York's "Funniest Person from Queens", has two missions in life. 1) To turn you into a superstar performer. 2) To find a good slice of pizza in Arlington. Featured on WTOP Radio, Kentucky Bride Magazine and a host of other outlets as a leader in speechwriting and coaching, Geoff founded his company, Winning Wit, to help everyone from Maids of Honor to Corporate Executives to NFL pros successfully prepare for and tell their stories to the world.

S1E8: Patrick J Kelly

Patrick J Kelly is an Irish actor and has worked on many productions in Ireland and the UK, from commercials, music videos, films and TV, two of these TV productions being Game of Thrones and Vikings.

S1E7: Janis Lasmanis

Janis Lasmanis is car detailing and customization company owner. Former British bodyguard and all around fun individual with a deep heart.

S1E6: Achieving dreams with Danielle Turcola

Danielle Turcola has been turning leaders and emerging leaders into powerhouses for more than 25 years. Clients consider her their secret weapon and trusted advisor. As a personal strategist to executives, emerging leaders and Millennials, Danielle delivers keen insight, guidance, unwavering support and recommendations.

Her World-Class clients include: The Dow Chemical Company, Deloitte, The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Goodyear Tire and Rubber, McDonald’s, Pacific Gas and Electric, XCEL Nuclear, FedEx, and The Golf Digest Companies.

S1E5: Cindy Battino

Life coach, energy worker, dancer, personal trainer, speaker, author, life changer and happiness expert; these are just a few words to describe Cindy Battino.

S1E4: Katie Barchas Wilson

Katie Barchas Wilson is a Chief Marketect at the Market Group and Founder of the High-Heeled Happy Hour.

In September 2015, Katie was recognized as one of Loudoun's rising stars in Leesburg Today's 40 Under 40 awards.

Katie was also named to Loudoun Business Journal's "Women 100 List" in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and was profiled in the publication's "16 to Watch in 2016."


Dr Monaco has been studying of human dynamics for over 50 years. He observed while growing up in the Bronx, that humor properly timed could flip a hostile situation into laughter. As a Chiropractic Physician, with over 33 years’ experience, he specializes in a gentle approach to health and wellness which allows the body to effortlessly unwind tension, calm the mind, and increase performance.

He is currently on a global tour assisting individuals in igniting their aliveness, rediscovering their passion and refining their communication skills in business and at home, with his series of workshops; “Winning with Women”, “Feminine Aliveness”, “Activating Your Genius”, “Healing Through Humor” and “Love, Money and Power”


Martin Gruszka is a CEO of Office Evolution Herndon. In this episode we talk about life, business, the matter of using opportunities when they present themselves, being grateful for everything you have in life + much more!

S1E1: Dr. Ivan Misner

Dr. Ivan Misner is the Founder & Chief Visionary Officer of BNI, the world's largest business networking organization.

He has been called the 'Father of modern networking' by CNN and one of the “Top Networking Experts to Watch” by Forbes. He is a New York Times Bestselling author who has written 23 books and is a columnist for Entrepreneur.com.

Dr. Ivan Misner has been named Humanitarian of the Year by the Red Cross, is the recipient of the John C. Maxwell Leadership Award and is the Co-Founder of the BNI Charitable Foundation.