S1E12: DeDee Cai

DeDee Cai is a first generation immigrant who has paved her own way. She is the founder and CEO of FIT TO PROFIT, a company that utilizes her expertise in psychology, cognitive science, holistic wellness, physical training, and business to help executive leaders and entrepreneurs attain peak performance.

She has been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade learning how to train herself to not only be physically fit, but also mentally strong as well. Her journey to success was personal as she battled suicidal thoughts, and the loss of her best friend. She knows what it was like to go from feeling stuck, miserable and unfulfilled to feeling energized, happy and successful.

She has taught thousands of students and trained hundreds of yoga instructors who are now changing lives every single day through their teaching. Her vision through FIT TO PROFIT is to empower everyone to realize their potential by making life mentorship and coaching accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world.